It is commonly believed that rigorous strength training is the key to building muscles. While it is true that you cannot grow muscles without working out hard however this alone cannot help you build a strong muscular body. This is the reason why even after hitting the gym regularly many people aren’t able to build muscles. If you too are struggling to grow your muscles fast then the information shared here should help.

Here are the best scientific ways to build muscles fast:


Choose the Right Exercise

You may be working out intensely every day but if you aren’t indulging in the right exercise then it wouldn’t be possible to achieve the desired result. A combination of squats, deadlift, barbell rows, and bench press can help increase your muscle mass.

Increase the Intensity

Choosing the right exercise and repeating the same number of sets month after month will not get you anywhere. It is essential to add more weight from time to time and increase the number of reps and sets in order to build muscle mass faster.

Feel the Burn

0repeating sets especially while lifting weight can be quite strenuous. Many people tend to rest in between. While it is alright to take a few seconds off. If you make it a regular pattern then you wouldn’t be able to grow muscles fast. In order to achieve the desired output, it is essential to work out continually to feel the burn.

Focus on Eccentric Phase

Every weight lifting exercise has two phases – Concentric and Eccentric. For example, while doing bench press when you lower the weight pulling it to your chest, you are in the eccentric position and when you raise it back you are in the concentric position. In order to increase your muscle volume, you need to focus on the eccentric phase. It is also known as the muscle lengthening motion.

Eat More Protein

Rigorous work outbreaks the muscles. Protein helps in building them back. It is important to increase your protein intake if you are indulging in high-intensity weight lifting exercises. Researchers claim that weight lifters should have 0.25 to 0.30 grams of protein per kg body weight per meal.

Have More Calories

Not many of you may be aware that as your body recognizes a calorie deficit, it lowers the tendency to build new muscles. Your body requires food to fuel your intense workout sessions and recover muscles. It is thus essential to have a high-calorie diet rich in protein. You must have more calories than you burn each day to build your muscles. It is recommended to eat around 250-500 extra calories each day to grow muscle fat.

Take Proper Sleep

Besides working out hard and fuelling your body with nutrition-rich diet, it is essential to take proper sleep. This is because when we sleep our body releases hormones that help grow muscles. It also helps in lowering the stress hormones that aid in keeping the body fit and promote muscle growth.

Take Protein Supplements

Protein supplements may not grow your muscles directly but are helpful in boosting your performance which in turn promotes muscle growth. So, it is suggested to have protein supplements if you wish to build muscles fast.

Be Consistent

Lastly, workout consistently and do not give up if you are not seeing immediate results. Every person has a different body type. While some may be able to grow muscles faster others might take some time. So, don’t get disheartened or quit because your body isn’t showing the same outcome as your friend’s even after working as hard.


Do inculcate these practices and let us know how they helped in building your muscles!