What diseases can you catch from the swimming pool


Since times immemorial, swimming had been a pleasure humans have enjoyed tremendously. As such, the human race has incorporated swimming pool into the house and places of importance and leisure. For most, it is impossible to imagine a high-end resort without a swimming pool. Pool parties and such have become tangled in social norms to such a great extent that it is impossible to separate them. 

For all-purpose, the swimming pool is a benefit the human race has discovered. 

However, this benefit is not without problems. There are many diseases, and illness swimming pool causes people. Some common, others more pressing but important nonetheless. 


Skin rash :

Adding chlorine and other cleaning agents into pool water is a common practice for people today. The main intention of this practice is to create a safe and clean environment for people. However, for many people, it has the opposite effect.

It can react with skin and cause rashes. In serious cases, it can also cause skin disfigurement and cause burns to appear on your arms and legs. For children, high chlorine content in pool water may also cause dizziness and stomach ache.


Diarrhea :

Diarrhea is a severe condition of any dedicated man. Most people might refuse to believe it, but pool water can cause this problem to occur. The main culprit for this is cryptosporidium parasite which is a common component of pool water.

If we look at the census, this is a leading cause of the problem in the USA. The condition can even lead to weakness and loss of appetite. It can be present because of environmental conditions and also because of the actions of other fellow swimmers and their infested fecal matter mixed with pool water


Eye illness :

Red eyes are a common occurrence after you go for a prolonged swim. Most people think of it as a result of getting too much-chlorinated water in the eye. However, in reality, the reason for red eyes is a mixture of chemical components mixed with human fecal matter. 

It can damage your eye surface, cause irritation in the eye and very serious cases cause you to lose the power in your eye. The chemicals can also cause your eyes to water more and dizziness. The water also has a chance of creating prolonged irritation.


Ear infection :

Often after a good swim, you become hard of hearing. There is ringing in your ear, and it is suddenly difficult to balance yourself on your two feet. It can be because of the pool water trapped in your ear. It can cause harm to your eardrum and cause you problems in the future. 

Along with this, the bacteria present in the water may enter your ear and cause various infections. It can lead to prolonged cold or even loss of balance. In cases, this infection can also reach your brain causing serious problems for you. People who love swimming are advised to clean their ears from time to time so that no problem affects them. 


Food poisoning :

Make sure never to drink pool water. Although pool water are treated for brackets like E. coli, some strains may still survive to cause mayhem in your digestive tract. The most common effect of these bacterias is the disease – food poisoning. They can even cause other sewer problems.In extreme cases, you may even be subjected to vomiting your food with a small amount of blood or swelling of your internal organs.

Most swimming pools are safe for people. If a swimming pool is maintained and cleaned regularly, there is no chance for you to get any health issue.